What Is Standing Between You and Your Students Using Tech?

Today is Digital Learning Day. Since it is a day that is completely focus on technology I have seen many blog posts, tweets, even emails, that are discussing how schools are using technology and how students are learning. One blog post from Mashable had the infographic below:


I love infographics but so often the info is just “cool” and other times “overwhelming” but this one was kinda awesome due to the fact what it is telling us. Do you remember, maybe 3 or 4, years ago the biggest wall we had to climb when it came to getting teachers to integrate tech was their fear of it or they did not have the time. According to this data, that has changed. So it looks like teachers want to use technology but do not have the resources. Two-thirds of teachers want more classroom technology. That is not how many are actually using it, because of that 1/3 many probably have the technology they need. The down side of data like this is there are so many blanks. I wish they had just tried to find out how many use technology regularly. But of course not having the resources causes us not to use it as much as we want, I have said that is the wall I usually have to climb in my classroom.
On a positive note, I saw a tweet today that linked to a summary of H.R. 521: Transforming Education Through Technology Act. The goal of the bill is to “help schools, districts, and states transform learning systems by utilizing innovative technology. ” The four main points are as follows:
  • Support teachers and principals in using technology to increased college and career readiness, close achievement gaps, and engage all students
  • Help school districts build a technology infrastructure to make sure schools take full advantage of what technology has to offer
  • Help states improve student learning, upgrade assessments, and improve educator preparation and support
  • Seed innovation to create the learning environment of tomorrow using the best technology of today
If you are like me, this is very encouraging to know that politicians are seeing the importance of technology in our schools. Maybe it is time to write a letter to your Representative and tell them how important this is. 

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