Digital Footprint


Upside Down Education
A reflection blog where I write about my struggles and successes as a teacher as well as my views of what’s going on in the world of education.

Jefcoed Instructional Technology
A blog that views apps as well as websites I find interesting and useful for a classroom.


My twitter account is my #1 source of professional development. Though most of the people I follow as well as my followers are teachers, I also post what is going on in my life. I believe even though it is a place for learning and growing, you cannot grow without forming relationships with those in this media.

Online Mentions:

Link to mentions on other websites and blogs:
When someone mentions me or my ideas in a blog post or an article I try to tag it on this Diigo page. I am completely humbled when this happens as well as encouraged that my ideas are part of someone else’s learning as well as growth as an educator.

Videos and Webinars
This page has a few of the national webinars, video interviews, or podcast I done over the years.

My linked in profile probably does not have information that cannot be found in my resume but has connections to other educators that are doing great things throughout the world!

I love Google+ to connect with teachers all over the country. Communities are a great way for me to learn from others, trouble shoot, and expand my PLN.

Student Blogs:
In the past my science students had to keep a blog. (I had less students then and it was easier to get everyone a chance to get online.) These are links to those blogs which housed their learning and opinions throughout our spring semester.