The Long Road Home


So #edustranded has now taken on a new meaning today. I have guilt and I’m thankful. Today snow started while at school. They decided to let us go home an hour and half later. Well kind of. Many coworkers got heck out of dodge. I thought about it because my youngest needed to be picked up. But my oldest was on a bus heading to the school. So I waited for her. The phone lines were jammed and so for 2 hours I waited for her bus to make the 3 mile ride to our school. Seeing her get off that cold bus was the best feeling ever.

They asked for volunteers to stay until parents got the rest of the kids, some from elementary school, get picked up. My dad at that time showed up in his 4×4 truck to get me. My youngest has breakdowns when a parent is gone and I knew his dad was already not going to make it home so I just wanted to get to him.

You see this amount of snow was not predicted. In Alabama we don’t have salt trucks, snow plows, etc.  We have sand trucks but they didn’t get there until after roads iced and could not get to the roads because thousands had already hit the roads and wrecks or not able to get up mountains.

So it’s 9 pm and about 10 of my coworkers and 20 students are sleeping at school. Target being awesome walked pillows and blankets. McD’s walked over food. I have about 10 more facebook friends who are sleeping at school with their students. Thousands are stranded at schools in our area. Their teachers stayed with them. They probably could have left, but they stayed. They are their taking care of children. Because that’s what teachers do.

I’m still not home. I can’t get up the mountain to my house. My children and I are staying. My poor dog was fed this morning hope she eats sparingly. And keeps the puddles to a minimum. I feel bad about complaining about clean undies while my coworkers are on floors and in same clothes from today.

I read an article today about someone complaining about teachers having snow days,  wish I could find the link. Next time you think teachers work 8-3 and are over paid and lazy (said guy from Philly I was next to on flight to #educon last weekend) or that we only work 180 days a year, remember there are parents separated from their children and teachers are giving them peace tonight.

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  1. Sarah says:

    So sorry this happened to you. We were lucky enough to get all our kids home safely in time, but this did happen one time in our area. But, this is one of those experiences that your students will remember forever, and they will remember exactly who it was that took care of them–their teacher. Good job!

  2. Alexis says:

    Bless all who give care to children despite people like the Phiily man.

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