And It Landed…

So yeah, USA! It landed. It really landed with no problems. Not only did the Mars rover – Curiosity land, but we got immediate signal and pictures (a orbiter had to rotate at the perfect moment for this to happen). I’m sitting here humbled, surrounded by the scientist that did this. Their awesomeness is just radiating off of them. The world watched (and held their breath) while this group of people did what they do best – landing robots on other planets.

The number one discussion tonight has been the landing but somehow it all goes back to the number 2 discussion – STEM. Over and over I am hearing the top people in NASA discuss the importance of teaching science, math, and engineering. There has also been a lot of talk about children and technology.

We had a moment with and he said we do not have time to wait on the government to prepare schools to teach STEM, we have to do it now. That was heartbreaking. He is putting STEM centers (outside of school) around the country for students to get that education. WE ARE THE TEACHERS HERE, we have to fight for this, not let someone else do our job. We need to be teaching our students the basics of this. We have to ignite their passions. Let’s do our jobs so others will not have to pick up the slack. Go find those grants, get that tech, or use the tech they already have instead of fighting the cell phone battle.

Remember what I said last post – Our students are the people that will that build the spacecraft or even traveling to Mars. Let’s have an entire country of question askers and see what awesome things our future will hold!

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