School’s Out For Summer!

School is out. It’s 9:00 am and I’m in my PJs waiting on my 6 yr old to get up so we can get ready for a dance dress rehearsal. I, like most teachers, love summer break. This year we get 2 extra weeks because of some blind state legislation but I’m going to wait until kids are losing it in October or I’m in school on Saturday to complain about the new calendar. I’m going to enjoy this summer, it’s nice to be home & not because I’m in pain from a surgery…or two!

As teachers we often complain kids’ brain turn to mush over the summer. Local news always run a story or two about how we need to keep exercising their brains. English departments assign summer reading (boo I hope not as bad as the depressing book our 6th graders have to read) to keep brains active during the break. But what about you as a teacher? Are you letting your brain go to mush?

As teachers we need to be the example of lifetime learners. This is a time we can learn something new without the added stress and worry of paperwork, RTI, IEPs, grading, and a day full of kids which can be stressful enough. I believe we need to rest but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn also. Take just one day and attend a PD session offered by your district. Look for local/state conferences or even better treat yourself to a much needed get-away and find a conference out of town. I understand your kids may be home & no one to keep them, then find a webinar. There are numerous out there and some even “on demand.” Read a book! Or if you are still resistant to Twitter or haven’t been on in a while nows the time to connect. I know that’s one thing I’m looking forward to, I’ve been a “post and run” tweeter lately and I’m missing out on a lot! If anything set up a Google Reader account and read a blog post a day!

Take advantage of what is out there. It always makes me sad when teachers want to do the best for their students but turn their nose up to PD opportunities. Again it’s summer, you can do what you want, so choose the PD that is right for you. This isn’t anything that is mandatory by your school with 100 slide PowerPoints, this is about what you want.

Do it. Learn something. I’m pretty sure not many people regret learning something new that will make their career even more awesome! And most of all, have a great summer!

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