Adobe Scavenger Hunt

When I was a kid I always loved scavenger hunts. I always pretended I was a pirate and was looking for treasure. Now days I pretend to be a pirate, just because. BUT this Monday you can be a pirate and participate in an awesome scavenger hunt from Adobe.

You see, Monday they will be announcing the launch of the Creative Cloud (check this out!). Can’t tell you too much now, but I promise the webcast Monday is worth checking out! Very exciting stuff!

Just launching an awesome product is not all they will be doing. They are having an online scavenger hunt (yes, like the ones you have given kids in the past, you know you have). You might as well feel like a pirate because they really will be giving a treasure for a prize – a one-year membership to the Creative Cloud. Yeah I know you don’t know what that is yet, but TRUST me, you want it!

So the hunt starts Monday at noon PT, which is 2 pm CST and last for 3 hours. Before then, you need to register here and you will get an email with the first clue! (Don’t delete it bc you will feel silly on Monday!) Follow #socialhunt  and be one of the first three to provide the correct phrase and you win! Yay!

There is also a scavenger hunt for those in San Francisco. More info and terms and conditions.

Good Luck! Argh!

My best pirate impression
My best pirate impression (yes I just had this pic on my phone for no reason).

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