Your Cake Wrecks Pinterest Me

So last night my back went out again, to avoid more pain I spent most of the day laying down – bored. Luckily I had my phone and the interwebs to keep me occupied. Most of my morning was spent on Pinterest. If you have not discovered Pinterest yet, you need to just check it out because it’s kinda hard to explain. But what I do love about it is the fact it celebrates creativity and gifts of others. Whether it is an amazing new recipe or a wreath made from netting or fabulous shoes, creativity of others is celebrated here. Not only that but it encourages more creativity. I cannot even number how many things I have made where the initial idea came from this site. I’m sure others have the sake story.

While scrolling through I tweeted a link to a friend of an awesomeccake. Another friend replied with a link to horrid cake on a site called “Cake Wrecks .” I then get sucked in to the site. Laughter followed. page after page of gross, ugly, or messed up cakes. There are over 600 pages of this site, I looked at at least 30.

Cake wrecks like all the other fail blogs out there (google fail blogs and there are pages of results) it celebrates failure. It is kinda sad we live in a society that loves failures that much. We make fun. We search for this stuff. We put people’s failures on display for the world to see and usually write a few jokes about it. Not celebrate learning from it, but find delight in the fact someone looked that dumb.

These sites are like the opposite of Pinterest. No one looks at fail sites and decides “Hey I want to do this” no it makes some even more afraid of trying something new for fear it may end up there.

I wonder often if my classroom is a Pinterest environment or a Fail Blog. I hope more and more it is becoming a Pinterest. I know that “I” may fail at this so often. I know now though I will try more to encourage the creativity and not focus negatively on the failures (I don’t mean grades by the way). Even more I hope to teach how to learn from mistakes or failure. What is your classroom? Is it a Pinterest or Cake Wreck?

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