Be Useful

So often I see others (and do this myself) get caught in the “If I had…” trap. If I had access to this technology… If I had this resources… You know what I am talking about. Lately in my mind I have thought “Oh if I could just have a class set of iPads or Amazon Fires, I could…” also I have become annoyed that most post/articles praising what schools are doing and I am noticing that the schools are usually upper middle class in districts that have an abundance of resources and think “Well duh if I had students from rich school and no digital divide I could…” (Which I have had countless hours of guilt for thinking that.)

So last week a friend of mine posted this video on Facebook. Seriously I found myself laughing and clapping (don’t make fun) as I watched this. Watch, it will be worth your time:

Theo Jansen just used plastic (PVC pipe) to create these amazing “creatures.” A robot with no technology, no iPad, nothing. The only thing new and revolutionary is this imagination. When people (um students) are creating, learning, imagining, they do not always need the newest and coolest gadgets.

Be useful. Use what you have.

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