Is Education the Reason For Our Crumbling Economy??

Today I read this article on how Obama is linking problems with our economy to education. It caught my attention because my last post kinda said that as well. BUT these posts are a lot different. According to Obama, our job shortage is causing our economic issues. Ok I’m agreeing so far, it’s this next part that is causing me to scratch my head. He is saying that jobs are going over seas because other countries are passing us in education. Um I’m sorry Mr. President. The jobs in America are not going elsewhere because of advanced education in these countries. When was last time you bought something made in Finland. I will admit that while jobs are going to China and China (Shanghai & Hong Kong) are tops in education (here is a list of countries) but I’m sure not much in my house was made in Finland. Or Poland or Iceland or even Estonia for that matter. If it is from Italy it has to do with fashion and not cheap!

Companies are outsourcing to India or Mexico. The US is ranked 20th among the world in education, Mexico 51 & India is not even on the lost of top 68. We are outsourcing because it is cheap labor. We are outsourcing because so many people in those countries are being trained to work on assembly lines and not question authority. Um HELLO isn’t that what we don’t want education to focus on??

Education’s focus right now needs to be guiding students to be problem solvers, idea planters, learners, not assembly line workers for the lowest price. Education needs to be creating CEOs & entrepreneurs not better test takers. We are finally moving away from “sit in rows, listen, be completely compliant” classrooms (or I hope so!!) and now we hear we are a doomed country because of this?

I’m glad money may be pumped into education but don’t just make up a reason. Do it so we can be a country that leads the world in innovation. Yes I believe that trade jobs are important and needed for the US to operate but that does not need to be the norm nor the goal. In his plan he says money will go to hiring more teachers & repairs of buildings. I hope that is right. I also hope technology goes along with those repairs and hope teacher training goes along with the new teachers. Mr. President, the teachers you have today aren’t teachers so they can teach to tests & create a compliant generation. Teachers are teachers to change our future. Remember that before you start suggesting otherwise.

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