Better Than Handouts!

I’m back, blogging has been on the back-burner while back to school and family has occupied so much of my time. Most of you know that PD is one of my passions. I think learning new strategies is so important. Things we do in our classroom work and sometimes they don’t work. With RTI making its way into our schools, using strategies that reach students is something we are focusing on more than ever. So when we find methods that work do we share them? Do others share them with us? What is the best way to share?

When I think about learning about teaching strategies every memory I have is through a PowerPoint (most used), printouts (mostly printouts of PPT), or a book. Only once do I have a memory of seeing strategies being used in the classroom. Once, in 9 years of teaching (plus 4 years of education school) was I able to see teaching strategies being used in a classroom, and that was a terrible choreographed example of reading groups.

How often I go on and on about how using PowerPoint and printouts are a terrible way to learn something, unless basic memorization is the goal.  I am a big advocate of taking PD into your own hands but if you are a teacher searching for new methods where do you look? How do you know about methods out there?

I have found a great place to start that search! Teaching Channel has great examples, using video, of teaching methods and great lesson plans. Not only that but great downloadable documents and even gives your questions to ask yourself while watching the video.

Also, you can fill out a profile and extend your PLN by connecting with other educators in your field. This is always beneficial!!

Think about it, in today’s times you want to learn how to do something, you probably search YouTube. This is a similar concept, videos for learning. As teachers we need to always learn new things! And you have to admit this is much better than PowerPoints and handouts!

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