Always Time to Dream

This is a quote from Pretty Woman, my most favorite movie ever: “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ – this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’.”

That part of that quote “Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'” is one quote that has always stuck in my head. We all have a dream of what we want to do in life, right? I see post and tweets over and over about passions, following passions, dreams, etc. What is your dream?

I have a dream of what I want to be when I grow up. Kinda. Same thing since I was a student teacher.  It is not to be a classroom teacher though.  The school I was in for my 2nd placement had this guy that was doing all this tech stuff with different classrooms.  I would watch him and ask my supervising teacher about his job.  One day I even got to spend the afternoon watching him work with a class and their teacher. I remember watching and asking the kids to explain to me what they were doing and how (they were making a video about the state of Alabama, from the state parks to the state tree).  From that day on I knew that is what I always wanted to do. I have loved tech since my parents bought me a Commodore 64 when I was 2! My love (and nerdiness) has grown more and more with this advancing age of tech.

After 2 years of teaching I got a brochure in my work mailbox about getting a degree in “Technology in Education.” UM YES PLEASE! I was at the first informational meeting signing up. I completed my degree, wasn’t easy, I found out I was pregnant the week classes began. I knew this is what I wanted to do. After a year of applying for positions (in the rare case one opened) and not even getting interviews I went back to get my Ed.S. in that same field.  This has been an even longer journey to complete (found out I was pregnant the day after I registered), but I can say there are no more classes for me to take.

So this journey started when I began my graduate degree in May 2005. Today is March 22, 2011. Still nothing.  During this time I have watched my passion for helping and teaching teachers grow.  I love nothing more than staying after school and helping one with his/her lesson or taking my break to help someone figure out their ActivBoard. The weird thing is that I get more excited seeing others do new things with technology than even using tech in my own classroom. I love the opportunity to teach a PD session or chat with someone about how twitter and blogs have completely changed my teaching.   Yet those opportunities are far and few between. I have shed tears over fact teachers in my school could use training in the tech field yet I do not get to because it is not my place.

Now do not get me wrong, I really like my job, I have fun, and I am very thankful for it, but it is not my passion. We tell kids everyday they can be anything they want to be, or tell them to seek their passion. Yet is there a time where we should just give up on those dreams? Is there a time when we need to realize the dreams may not come true? Then what? Or do we keep hoping? Keep trying to make it happen? I think we do. I think we have to still push through fears, through the heart ache, through the struggles.  Through the jealousy of those who blog and tweet about fulfilling the passion you have had for 6 years.  You keep moving. You keep on dreamin’.

I am going to try to “keep on dreamin'” but with state budget cuts I know there will be no Tech Specialist jobs open again this year. If there is, I of course will apply.  Until then I have the same dream. I am going to hope that  this dream I am so qualified for will become a reality. Until then…

**BTW this is not a whine fest, I really just wanted to reflect and remind others not to give up. I am sure others have same issues and it is always good to know others can relate**


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  1. d_uchtman says:

    commodore 64 🙂 I still have mine somewhere. I also get excited about watching others use new technology. I always seem to have issues getting it implemented into my classroom though. I feel like I am always stuck in a rut of lectures and worksheets and it drive me crazy. Keep up with your dream. You will achieve great success.

    1. amandacdykes says:

      @d_uchtman You still have a Commodore 64? Awesomeness! Yes it is easy to get stuck in that worksheet/lecture rut, it is familiar and actually seems easier. But start with the basics, put a short video clip into your lecture or instead of worksheets have students create something similar themselves. It is a step by step process. A lot of teachers try to jump in head first, easy to get over whelmed. Find one fun tool that you think is easy to use, have your kids create with it, then add another, than another. It’ll snowball, I promise 🙂

  2. Dream big, Amanda, and dream often. The skills you are building and refining are EXACTLY what our students need to fulfill their own dreams.

  3. You go, girl. And, you keep going. Then, after that, go some more. Best to you :).

  4. dunsiger says:

    Keep on dreaming, Amanda, and I hope that one day your dream becomes a reality! Over the past couple of years, I’ve had to think very carefully when a tech job has come up in our Board, but both times, I decided not to apply because I really do love what I`m doing. I’m most happy where I’m at, and I think that we all have the right to be happy in our jobs.

    You are one of the most amazing people I have “never met,”:) and I know that you would do a fantastic job in the position of your dreams. I will dream it for you too, and I’m sure that others will as well. Maybe if we all keep this as one of our “dreams,” it will make a difference.


  5. Tim Yocum says:

    I share the same dream. Technology drives my learning and I want to help other teachers and students realize the benefits of technology in being a lifelong learner.
    It isn’t all about the technology either. It is reforming the industrial educational model of the sage on the stage into a project based inquiry model using the vast number of tools available to us through technology.
    Keep doing what you do and let higher ups know what dreams and goals you have in your heart and mind. Most of all, relentlessly continue to pursue these goals.

  6. Chris ONeal says:

    Great post, Amanda. I have an alternate form of that dream. In my case, it’s for my daughter’s classrooms to REALLY take advantage of technology. She’s in 9th grade now, and while she’s done lots of “projects” over the years, STILL she’s not doing cool, high-tech, high-engagement stuff in her classrooms. It really bums me out, because she’s a brilliant kid, and knows how to do all sorts of stuff, but as much as I try to help, volunteer, etc. her schools are very, very traditional. But, I must persevere, I suppose.
    Thanks for a good post!

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