Spring is Camping Season! (I Don’t Mean the Kind with Tents)

edcamp logo CMYK

Have you ever been to camp?  Well what about EdCamp? EdCamp Bham is coming April 30! For those who have not heard about EdCamps, there is a new movement of educators wanting to take control of their own professional development instead of waiting for PD to come to them.  These educators are also wanting to customize PD to meet their needs.  Most of these educators are sharing online through social media on a daily basis, but there is still a desire for face-to-face learning and socializing as well. This is where “un” conferences like TeachMeet and EdCamps are coming in.  These take that costomize learning that is happening online and delivers it face-to-face.

EdCamps and TeachMeets are free (some may have a low cost)! You cannot beat that! I know my district has cut all funding of PD (no comments on that, I totally understand what you are thinking about that right now). So with that, I have to pretty much pay for all my conferences I attend.  Between  EduCon this year and ISTE11 later this summer that is a huge chunk of change.  EdCampBham is not only free but in a location that does not have many conference choices.

Edcamps and TeachMeets are teachers learning from each other.  No one at EdCamp Bham is going to be presenting on their new product nor are they paid presenters. We do not even know who will be presenting! Everyone will sign up “barcamp style” that morning.  If you are planning on attending, try to think of one cool thing you did this year in your classroom and present on it! It is that easy! Only 45 minutes and use part of that time as a discussion with your peers, maybe they have tried the same thing and have stories to share!

So are you ready to spend a day hanging out and learning from other educators? Then consider EdCamp Bham. We are sold out, but join the waiting list, we will release tickets as spaces open.  If you are not in the Southeast next weekend is EdCamp Omaha for all you midwesterners, Edcamp SF is in 2 weeks for my west coast friends, EdCamp Vancouver the next weekend for those north of the border, and Edcamp Boston & EdCamp Detroit are the 1st weekend in May. Then of course Edcamp Plano will be next! There are many more listed here, why not give it a try? What is the worst that will happen, you will learn something?

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating swag/door prizes please let me know!


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