No Resolutions

So it’s 2011. One day back to school and already wondering if this year could be bad. It’s been “one of those days.” Not a good way to start. So new year usually means resolutions. If you read my last post you know I’m having problems with failure lately. So the idea of setting myself up for failure AGAIN makes me laugh. No way. I’ve decided to set goals instead. Small goals. More like things to keep myself on track not as much to achieve anything. I’m hoping putting them in writing helps remind me of them. I’m setting my calendar to alarm & remind me of them on occasion. Here goes:

1. edcampbham. I am determined to make this a success. I have a great team I am working with on this. So far almost 50 have registered & we haven’t started advertising beyond twitter yet. By the way if you are interested, it is April 30. More info can be found at (shameless plug!)

2. To be satisfied and thankful I have a job. So many days I get down because I do not have to career I have longed for all these years. Finishing my second degree in this field and still no progress does not help. (seems like a tech specialist somewhere has to figure out they would rather text books instead of tech and quit…someone? Anyone?) I get frustrated having ideas in a place I have no voice. I get tired of falling online and filmy against my professional beliefs. But unlike so many people in this country I have a job. And I like teaching. My kids this year are pretty good as well. I need to be thankful for these things. I need to do my best at what I am doing, not some dream I’ve held in my pocket for 5 years now.

3. To take everything I learn at educon and apply it to my daily teaching. So often I learn new things yet settle in new old routines when return.

4. To make my students write a blog post a week. I want them to reflect on their learning. I think my kids are so dependent on text books and getting a right answer they aren’t taking the time to learn. To think about the what they are learning. I’m determined to Change the way they look at learning and the way they study.

I have more. I have personal ones like be a better mom or instead of the whole weight loss deal being happy with myself. I’m hoping these small short term goals will be met. These should at least last me til summer.


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  1. Dvora says:

    I really like these. Especially #3 & 4. How will you ask the question for them to blog or will it be just a simple reflect on the week?

    1. amandacdykes says:

      I am planning on having them choose one (or more of course) topic from that week and reflect on that. I plan on giving them ideas like “Examples of how this effects everyday life” (I’m earth science so a lot of times it does), “why this is interesting,” “How do humans effect this,” etc. I’m sure it will take a while to be successful 🙂

  2. elenired says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you! Let’s hope the next few months will be satisfying enough so that we move away from the f (allure) circle…..I strongly agree with your 3rd resolution!
    Sweet new year!

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