Made It!

I made it to Denver! It is nothing like I imagined. Yesterday/last night was wonderful! I have met so many people that I feel as though I have known forever.  People are exactly how I imagined, well I never imagined @thenerdyteacher to be so loud.  I can say guys that @michelle107, @ktenkely, @lamoureuxr and @simplek12 are even more beautiful in person, @web20classroom @mrplough07 @tgwynn and @kylepace are so down to earth and awesome. And of course @bethstill is just like you would imagine.  And @chrischampion is just as cool in person as well! There are so many more that I was so glad to meet but its 4:30am and well its 4:30 am. I also had a star stuck moment meeting the awesome Dean Shareski, y’all know that I am never shy, but could not come up with words meeting him.  I also got to watch from the distance many other awesome from afar at the blogger’s cafe. I had the few moments where people who do not look like their avatars recognized me and I was clueless to who they were, I’m sure that happened the other way around as well.

My earlier fear of not knowing anyone or being alone is long gone. Steven Anderson blogged earlier yesterday about how real the relationships with in the PLN are/are not. They are real, those people I love online I love in person. I just wanted to hug them all, and if you know me you know only a few special people are allowed into my personal space for a hug or more!

These people are worth opening your personal space for!


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  1. Cory Plough says:

    Great to meet you to Amanda. The relationships we find through our PLN’s can be so dynamic which plays a large role in how come people can get addicted to networking. I love my PLN, but what I love the most is what I can learn from them and apply it directly to my kids. The relationships make that possibility even stronger. I know that I can call on so many people to help me when I need something for my students because of the strong ties we have formed.

  2. Tom Whitby says:

    I love your post and apologize for not meeting you in person. From my point of view if more people met me in person I would have fewer followers.
    I am glad you are having such a great time at ISTE. Meeting your PLN face to face is always a thrill. Your connections will be made stronger.

  3. ISTE is an awesome experience. I haven’t been in a couple of years, but I was able to learn a lot. Your post is a great description of the people you meet. With social networking an PLN’s becoming a common place for educators I think that relationships will be built and meaningful. Relationship building is fast becoming an expectation as online learning increases for educators and students in public school. Have fun and keep learning…wish I could attend, but I am at a Supt. conference learning how to deal without funding for the next 4 years and still move into a 21st century environment.

  4. amandacdykes says:

    Cory – so glad to have met you too! You are a brilliant person and look forward to learning many things from you in the future. Plus it was awesome hanging out!

    Tom – thanks, and I seriously doubt you would lose followers! I hope to be lucky enough to meet you in person.

    Howell – I did learn a lot, great experience!! I wish you could attend too, but that supt conference is where you need to be, others need to learn what you are doing in your system!! You are a great example. Hope you are building your supt. PLN while you are there. If not you are now in charge of getting them all connected 😉

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