What is Remembered?

Love this quote: “Any culture which can put a man on the Moon is capable of gathering all the nations of the earth in peace, justice and concord.”

Who said this? Do you know? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that man as a president?  Well he was.  One of my favorite presidents, and I am embarrassed to tell people that, here’s why.

This president did some awesome things. He ended segregation in schools. He improved relations with countries like China (he got the US pandas from there) and USSR. He brought home hundreds of thousands of troops from Vietnam and eventually ended American involvement. While in office the The Environmental Protection Agency was created. He was President when the first man landed on the moon. He balanced the budget (that is huge)! Equal Opportunity Employment and Title IX happened while he was in office as well.

Sounds like a cool guy huh? If you don’t know much about history and still do not know, this is probably the quote from this president you remember “I am not a crook.”

Yes Richard Nixon.  I’m sure when you hear his name you automatically think Watergate.  I can remember my excitement of walking into the Watergate Hotel because of its place in history.  Kinda sad.

As a teacher and especially a cheerleading coach I feel too many time like Nixon.  This past week I might as well throw up the famous Nixon peace signs.  Forget for 2 years we have swept competitions. Forget that I put everything I have into this part of my career.  Forget all the time it takes away from my wonderful children who do not complain when Mommy asks them to do something.  Forget that I know what I am doing which is rare in the cheerleading coach community.  Forget all of that.  I’m remembered because some parents do not like that I let the kids walk to the athletic complex as a group without me (I have done this before & have had kids injured, do not like the fact of my car 5 blocks away). No one remembers that I have told girls with less than desired talent they looked fine when they really looked bad, but I knew it was the best they could do, nope remembered for the one time I reminded them they were only ones not knowing cheer.

Its amazing how as humans we forget the accomplishments of people and remember actions that we did not like.  Teachers have this happen to them more often than other professions, do not let that discourage you. You do have amazing accomplishments and you and your students know that .  Do not pull a Nixon and go into seclusion. Hold your head up high and keep trucking.  My coaching days may be coming to an end, but I have 20 something former cheerleaders who on a daily basis remind me how much they miss me and that they appreciate the time I devoted to them. That is what is important, not the ones who do not know how good they have it.

I’ll leave you with one inspiring more quote from the President: “A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.”  It is OK to be defeated sometimes, quitting though is questionable.

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  1. ktenkely says:

    Great post and reflection. I think you are right, people who work with kids seem to be constantly on the firing line. It makes sense, parents are passionate about their kids. They know they can do wrong but will not admit it to any one else. It is hard as a teacher or a coach to put everything you are into your students or kids only to be criticized for it. It is important to remember that parents don’t always remember to say thank you. For the few negative comments, there are 100 more positive that went unsaid.

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