So what is a blog? Who came up with that name? Just think, 7 years ago when I graduated college, if someone had mentioned a blog, I probably would have giggled at the word.

Well the word blog came from shortening the word “web-log.” Yeah I know you don’t care, but I have a reason for tell you this (stay with me, you know I ramble). Weblogs were set up as online journaling tools.  Now blogs (like this one) are more than online diaries.  People use them to share ideas, communicate with others, even get/tell news stories.  Blogs have changed the way the world communicates.

OK I can go on and on about blogs, but that is not my point here. My point is, I’m going back to basics with my students.  We are going to use a blog for the reason it was design, weblogging.

My students are going to pretend they have been drafted into WWII and journal their experiences.  They will use the blogs as journals.  The assignment .  I’m excited to see what my 6th graders can do!

We will be using kidblog.org, which is extremely easy to use. Not one of my students have ever used a blog before, so the ease of use will be nice.  I do not want the “blogging” to be the focus of the activity. Learning blogs is not my primary goal. Using KidBlog will help keep the focus on the activity.

Sometimes its good to go back to basics.

Link to blogs: kidblog.org/mrsdykesclass/ (*note they are not due until 5/5, be looking for update on their progress then*)

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  1. Thomas Boito says:

    Good idea! I like that. I’m intrducing some elementary teachers to blogging this week (using Kidblog) and something like this might be a good starter activity.

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