Ugh, I Hate Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Ok I’m a rebel.  I know this.  Its a problem I have. I do not break rules on purpose, I just do not like them.  I have issues with being passionate about things and doing whatever is in my power to put my passion into play.

It’s not a “It’s my way or no way” thing, I just look at whole picture, not the things I think are “nit-picky”(like that good ‘ol southern word?!). The rules are there for a reason.  I know that.  I have to remember that. Yes I know my way is always right (ha ha kidding!), but that doesn’t mean I must do what I want.  I’m lucky to be in a place where a dictator does not rule over teachers – I’ve been there – and should follow the few rules I have.

In my eyes my kids learning comes first.  I need to realize that yes learning comes first, just not always “my way.”

I also learned something else today. As someone put earlier: Moral = Kids are awesome! They are hungry, we need to feed them! If we don’t they will find food!

Ok I feel better now.


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  1. Jim Wysocki says:

    Wow. You sound like me. I could have pretty much written this blog post word for word (except for the “good ol’ southern word” comment – I grew up in the Northeast and now live in CA).

    Keep it up! The world needs more passionate teachers who put kids first!

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