Powerpoint is my Perry the Platypus

OK so I have had a few people DM me and ask why does my twitter profile say hate: powerpoint. I was responding to someone and decided to share the email with all.

I hate powerpoint because I think it has ruined technology integration.

1. teachers use it as a cop-out “The students will make a powerpoint” and call that their technology lesson of the year.

2. I HATE for people to read from a powerpoint to me. Every PD we have someone is reading from a ppt. Some even print out worksheets so you can read along.  Too many teachers are doing this in their classroom and I know how the poor kids feel.

3. Its all linear. We spend so much time in elementary teaching kids to think more broad, they make cognative maps, draw out their ideas, etc. then we tell them to make a ppt that moves in one direction.  Thats why I like prezi so much.

4. Its saved on a computer or USB drive somewhere with no one to see it. There are so many cloud based sites that allow for collaboration.

5. There are so many alternatives to using ppt. Students need to know how to use these and not think they can only present one way. vovox, antimoto, wikis, scrapblog, glogster, etc, can capture student’s creativity so much better.

6. Its just plain boring to use.

I know there are many benefits to it. I had a student make a beautiful interactive one for my class, I was blown away by it. Sometimes its nice to have all your videos/pictures/links in one location, in order.

To me integrating technology is not using technology just to use technology.  Its allowing students to learn differently than typical paper/pencil.  Its a pedagogy change that needs to take place.  So with the right pedagogy powerpoint could be a wonderful tool. I think everyone has just became too comfortable with it!

That is just my humble option…


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