Here goes…

I’m starting a blog. Yes, me! Maybe I won’t be a slacker and keep it up-to-date!!

The goal of this blog is to share technology lesson ideas or links that will enhance teaching. I hope that the ideas from this blog will motivate teachers to use technology as a teaching tool, not a final product or event.  Technology should not be noticed but simply added to lessons in a natural way.

Technology can not only enhance your lessons, but make teaching easier!! There is no longer a choice to change, we must reach all students and meet their needs.  It is often stated that students today are “digital natives” and we should teach in a language they understand. I do not completely believe this, I think students today are not that much different than students of the past.  They all learn in different ways, using technology can reach each learner. You want differentiated instruction? USE TECHNOLOGY! What type learner does technology NOT reach? Auditory – podcast, auditory books, presentations. Visual – videos, mind-mapping tools. Kinesthetic – video games, interactive tools, bookmarking tools.  Technology can make a lesson understandable and memorable.

Technology should not be scary. Use tech tools you know. All lessons posted will be simple and not much training needed. My hope is to see technology in action, and not realize I am!


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